19th Century: 1831

Maria Miller Stewart (1803-1879)

                              Religion and the Pure Morality, the Sure Foundation on Which We Must Build

     All the nations of the earth are crying out for liberty and equality.  Away, away with tyranny and oppression!  And shall Afric's sons be silent any longer?  Far be it from me to recommend to you either to kill, burn, or destroy.  But I would strongly recommend to you to improve your talents; let not one lie buried in the earth.  Show forth your powers of mind.  Prove to the world that

                                  Though black your skins as shades of night,

                                   your hearts are pure, your souls are white.

     This is the land of freedom.  The press is at liberty.  Every man has a right to express his opinion.  Many think, because your skins are tinged with a sable hue, that you are an inferior race of beings; but God does not consider you as such.  He hath formed and fashioned you in his own glorious image, and hath bestowed upon you reason and strong powers of intellect.  He hath made you to have dominion over the beasts of the field, the fowls of the air, and the fish of the sea.  He hath crowned you with glory and honor; hath made you but a little lower than the angels; and according to the Constitution of these United States, he hath made all men free and equal.  Then why should one worm say to another, "Keep you down there, while I sit up yonder; for I am better than thou?"  It is not the color of the skin that makes the man, but it is the principles formed within the soul.

     Many will suffer for pleading the cause of oppressed Africa, and I shall glory in being one of her martyrs; for I am firmly persuaded, that the God in whom I trust is able to protect me from the rage and malice of mine enemies, and from them that will rise up against me; and if there is no other way for me to escape, he is able to take me to himself, as he did the most noble, fearless, and undaunted David Walker.

     Never Will Virtue, Knowledge, And True Politeness Begin To Flow, Till The Pure Principles of Religion And Morality Are Put Into Force.


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