GroupMaker Instructor Support Application

The Application

GroupMaker is a Microsoft Windows application. Mac computers with Windows installed are usable. Those with Mac computers without Windows should search the internet for instructions on installing Windows. Websites that may be helpful include “How to install Windows on your Mac for free,” “How to install Windows 10 on Mac for FREE: Step-By-Step Guide,“ and “Parallels.” Moreover, many educational institutions have technical staff who can advise and assist, and licensing agreements Microsoft and other software providers to facilitate the installation.

Click here to download and install a demo version of GroupMaker. Your instructor will give you the link to the real version. The installation procedure of both versions is the same, so any difficulty you encounter with the demo version will also be present with the real version. Select Run or OK at all prompts. These options may be hidden behind an Option item or a More information item. Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer have a Run option, but Firefox and Chrome may not. If your browser does not have a Run option, select Save to save the setup file (setup.exe). Then launch the file from where it was saved on your computer.

The setup file is usually saved in the Downloads folder, which may be accessible from the browser. After the download, your browser may display a Download item or downward-pointing arrow icon that you can click to launch the setup file. If not, use File Explorer to find the setup file. Then point at the file with the mouse and double-click the left mouse button to launch it.

Some computers have multiple security prompts that you must negotiate to install and run the application. The default choice of these prompts is to abort the installation, so choose carefully. Always choose the option to install/run/add the application, sometimes hidden behind a “more information” link.

Immediately after installation, the application launches itself and presents a panel entitled “Login to GroupMaker.” Clicking the Register button brings up the Register panel. An access code is not needed for the demo version, but the real version requires a code that your instructor will give to you. On the real version select the class in which you are enrolled and enter access code. On the demo version, select any class. Click the Help button for hints on other items. When all required items are entered, the OK button will be activated. Click it to complete registration. Registration completed, the application’s main frame will appear.

The installed application can be re-launched it from the Start menu (Start >> All Programs >> GEO Global Technology >> GroupMaker), and removed when no longer needed with Windows Uninstall utility, accessible through Settings >> Apps and the Control Panel. You cannot access the Uninstall utility on classroom, lab, and library computers. This is not a problem as these computers are digitally cleaned periodically.