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Frederick Community College OER Guide

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A guide which provides an overview of OER resources, links to OER repositories, and planning resources and examples created and used at Frederick Community College. Under the Planning Resources and Examples tab, there are course cartridges for an Intro to OER course that introduces faculty to Open Educational Resources and planning resources for OER adoption. In the course, participants will be introduced to the meaning of Open, laws surrounding the distribution of educational content, and how to find openly licensed materials for use in a class. Participants will apply concepts to the creation of a mini module in their discipline.

Material Type: Teaching/Learning Strategy

Author: Jessica Young

Creating Online Learning Experiences

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This book provides an updated look at issues that comprise the online learning experience creation process. As online learning evolves, the lines and distinctions between various classifications of courses has blurred and often vanished. Classic elements of instructional design remain relevant at the same time that newer concepts of learning experience are growing in importance. However, problematic issues new and old still have to be addressed. This handbook explores many of these topics for new and experienced designers alike, whether creating traditional online courses, open learning experiences, or anything in between.

Material Type: Textbook

Author: Matt Crosslin