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  • Cable Network News
  • Equal-time Rule
  • Fairness Doctrine
  • Fake News
  • Federal Communications Commission
  • Objective Journalism
  • Yellow Journalism
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    The News Media: Course Map & Recommended Resources


    The News Media

    The resources included here are intended to map to the following learning objectives for an American Government Course:

    1. Develop strategies to differentiate between real and fake news.
    2. Describe various forms of media bias and why they might occur.
    3. Investigate how news affects public opinion and the limits of media effects.
    4. Investigate how the evolution of cable news and social media has changed news production and consumption.

    Discussion Questions and Key Concepts

    Discussion Questions

    1. Identify the various media through which individuals can get their news today. Is one better than the other? Explain.

    2. There is a lot of discussion about bias in the media. Discuss what bias you see in the media and the effects that it has.

    3. Describe the various roles or functions that the media play in a democracy (for example, political socialization role, signaling function, common carrier function, watchdog role, or partisan function).

    4. How has “soft news” or “infotainment” media changed how Americans get their news? Provide an example of such a show.

    Key Terms or Concepts (Define):

    1. Cable network news

    2. Fairness doctrine

    3. Fake news

    4. Objective journalism

    5. Yellow journalism

    6. Federal Communications Commission

    7. Equal-time rule