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Multimedia Design and Applications

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Computers and information technology have changed the world and affected millions of lives in ways that no one could have foreseen. There is a general agreement that computer technology is a crucial resource in education today. Computers and ICT can bring benefits such as : use of productivity tools; in- teractive teaching packages available on CD for different subjects; access to internet and thousands of online databases; distance learning facilities; links to other schools or colleges; and special facilities available for students with disa- bilities- for example partially-sighted students may be able to change text sizes and background colour. The list is long. This module picks on some of these benefits and provides a basic platform to multi-media applications in the teaching and learning of mathematics and Science at secondary school level.

Material Type: Module

Author: Elijah I. Omwenga

The OER Starter Kit – Simple Book Publishing

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This starter kit has been created to provide instructors with an introduction to the use and creation of open educational resources (OER). The text is broken into five sections: Getting Started, Copyright, Finding OER, Teaching with OER, and Creating OER. Although some chapters contain more advanced content, the starter kit is primarily intended for users who are entirely new to Open Education. [Version 1.1. Revised September 5th, 2019.]

Material Type: Textbook

Author: Abbey Elder

Accessibility Toolkit – 2nd Edition – Open Textbook

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Accessibility Toolkit – 2nd Edition Authors: Amanda Coolidge, Sue Doner, Tara Robertson, and Josie Gray The goal of the Accessibility Toolkit - 2nd Edition is to provide resources for each content creator, instructional designer, educational technologist, librarian, administrator, and teaching assistant to create a truly open textbook—one that is free and accessible for all students. This is a collaboration between BCcampus, Camosun College, and CAPER-BC.

Material Type: Teaching/Learning Strategy

Authors: Amanda Coolidge, Josie Gray, Sue Doner, Tara Robertson