A course containing formative and summative assessments, guided reading notes, and in-class active-learning activities tightly aligned with OpenStax College Algebra with trigonometric topics from the OpenStax Algebra with Trigonometry textbook. Ancillary materials are available for download from OER Commons (See Note to Instructors within course) include active-learning worksheets and guided reading note assignments.Topics covered support transferability of College Algebra from two-year to four-year institutions within the University System of Maryland, including verbal, tabular, graphical, and algebraic representations of the functions of college algebra (linear, power/polynomial, rational, exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric), operations and characteristics of functions, transformations, and systems of linear and nonlinear functions. Prerequisite topics and a review of intermediate algebra are included with assessment but without ancillary materials. This course is suitable for flipped classrooms as well as active-learning environments or may be used without the activity sheets for hybrid or online delivery. It has been used successfully with instructor-created lecture videos (not included) for intense 3 to 6 week online sessions.Provided by the Western Maryland OER Collaboration, an interinstitutional team supported by the Maryland Open Source Textbook Initiative (M.O.S.T.). 
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In-Class Activity Sheets for OpenStax College Algebra
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