Christa Bowser, Peggy Biser
Biology, Chemistry
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Activity/Lab, Data Set, Homework/Assignment
Community College / Lower Division, College / Upper Division
  • Data
  • Osmosis
  • Tonicity
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    Creative Commons Attribution

    Introduction to Osmosis

    Introduction to Osmosis


    This resource consists of three parts: a review of tonicity worksheet, a crossword puzzle focusing on osmosis, and a powerpoint containing authentic data for analysis as well as questions.

    Osmosis Review and Data Analysis

    The three items of this module have been used in a lab setting, in a lecture setting and in the online setting. We also were able to apply them to biology courses and chemistry courses. 

    This project was part of the Western Maryland M.O.S.T. Institutional Grant (2020). It was a joint effort between the chemistry department of a four year school and the biology department of a two year school. The products of this project are applicable in any undergraduate course setting covering tonicity, dialysis, data analysis and osmosis.