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    PGCC OER Evaluation Rubrics


    OER Evaluation Rubrics adapted from the Achieve OER Rubric by Prince George's Community College to include a "Fair" rating. The Rubics included are: Rubric 1 - Alignment to Learning Objectives; Rubric 2 – Licensing; Rubric 3 - Quality of Subject Matter; Rubric 4 - Technology; Rubric 5 – Accessibility.

    The attached rubrics comprise an evaluation system for objects found within Open Educational Resources.  These rubrics are typically used to rate the potential, not actual, effectiveness of a particular object in a learning environment. The rubrics in this packet can be applied across content areas and object types, and should be scored independently of the others. The rubrics included in this packet are: 

    • Rubric 1 - Alignment to Learning Objectives
    • Rubric 2 – Licensing 
    • Rubric 3 - Quality of Subject Matter
    • Rubric 4 - Technology
    • Rubric 5 – Accessibility

    All rubrics have been adapted from the Achieve OER Rubric by Prince George’s Community College to include a "Fair" rating as a possible score.