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Introduction to Lean Six Sigma Methods, January IAP 2012

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This course covers the fundamental principles, practices and tools of Lean Six Sigma methods that underlay modern organizational productivity approaches applied in aerospace, automotive, health care, and other sectors. It includes lectures, active learning exercises, a plant tour, talks by industry practitioners, and videos. One third of the course is devoted to a physical simulation of an aircraft manufacturing enterprise or a clinic to illustrate the power of Lean Six Sigma methods. The course is offered during the Independent Activities Period (IAP), which is a special 4-week term at MIT that runs from the first week of January until the end of the month.

Material Type: Full Course

Authors: Al, Annalisa, Earll, Haggerty, Hugh, McManus, Murman, Weigel

Lean Six Sigma: Research and Practice

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Lean Six Sigma: Research and Practice demonstrates the power of synergy Lean Six Sigma: Research and Practice is an ebook to download free of charge. The business world is competitive, and often cut-throat. Improving your business management can give you the competitive advantage you need to grow your business and thrive. Management techniques such as Lean Speed and Six Sigma are well-known for helping managers and businesses improve. In fact, these are two of the leading approaches to business improvement in the world. In Lean Six Sigma: Research and Practice, the authors show you the benefits of combining the two management disciplines, creating synergy from the core concepts. This synergy results in making work better and faster. Six Sigma stresses elements that are critical to quality, such as reducing manufacturing defects. Lean Speed strives to eliminate seven kinds of waste. What happens when Six Sigma and Lean Speed merge? You end up with faster processes and fewer defects in your business. Learning and implementing the techniques can be complex and involved, so use Lean Six Sigma: Research and Practice to make your adoption of Lean Six Sigma faster and free of errors.

Material Type: Textbook

Authors: Dr. Maneesh Kumar, Professor Jiju Antony